hi!! i loooove your ig so much. what do you use for most of your pictures? hehe. hope we can be friends :))

Use for taking pictures or for editing? Haha, I guess I’ll just answer both. I use my mom’s mini iPad, sometimes I use my phone’s camera. For editing pictures naman, I use vscocam! Me too! Pakilala ka :)


Hell weeks are over for me and I have nothing to do, well, for 3 days at least. And I badly want to blog :(( But unfortunately my laptop’s not cooperating, last Friday pa siya ayaw mag on. You guys know I’m a computer science student, my future is in there huhuhuhu. I just hope maayos na siya agad. Gaaad i’m just thankful na it didn’t happen on a hell week, that would be the death of me. Anyway, so yeah as I was saying, I badly want to blog right now. But my list (yes I have a list) of backlogs is in my laptop, and the pictures too. :( *sighhh* I’m using my sister’s laptop right now because…. wala lang gusto ko magrant.

Lately I’ve been so detached from my life. Naks detached, i don’t even know if I’ve put it right. No, actually i think it’s not detached from my life, more like detached from the world/people. Naks!! Mas korny pakinggan. hahaha =)) Wala lang, lately I’ve been eating lunch on my own because I just don’t feel like talking to people. It sucks the energy in me. I could have stayed sa tambayan, but after the Listo, I just want to be alone for a while. It’s tiring. I think that’s exactly what being an introvert means, I read it once that you’ll know you’re an introvert if you feel like hiding or resting after socializing with people. Like you need to recharge or have a me-time first before going back. Yeah, I feel that a lot. Not that I don’t want to be with them it’s really just tiring to talk and be with people sometimes. If that even makes sense.

Also, I joined an org this sem! Yes, it’s my 3rd org already. I don’t know what came into my mind, why I joined another CS org. Well, I think it all started when I attended RoR. They were really helpful, and I thought I’ll really learn a lot from this org, so yeah, I’m applying for this sem. I promised myself I’ll be more involved in CS, so this is me pushing myself to work harder and to get more involved. Earlier this afternoon we’ve had a workshop. God knows how nervous I was. I had no friends with me, I didn’t even know if I know someone there, or worse someone I know but not really my friend and would think of how much of a loner I was. Well, anyway, it really was scary at first because we had to present our products/ideas/innovations/inventions in front of everybody and everyone knows I hate doing that. But sometimes you really just have to get out of your comfort zone. So that’s what I did this day. Conquered my fear of being alone (even if I’m always alone haha. No, I mean alone when I don’t want to be alone, gets?) and speaking in front of an audience. Wew, I managed to get through it and looking back, I’m glad I did it. Although I was alone, and I was the oldest (shux tanda ko na) it was a new experience for me so yey for learning and experience. :> plus the mems know me na. *smug smile*

So yes, I’ve been away from people for 2 weeks already, i think? Or more. i don’t know. But at the same time I’m also doing stuff to improve my attachment? commitment? involvement? I don’t know what the right term is, to ComSci and also meeting new people. And again, it all feels so tiring. Another thing pa pala, I’ve bee active in ACM lately hehe. It’s the time of FinCom to shineee! We’re selling shirts sa DCS. It’s the only time, i think, na nagiging active kami. Haha! We really don’t do anything much, not until we have shirts and other products to sell. So lately, I’ve been sitting with people and small-talking them. omg small talking hahaha =)) tbh it’s uncomfortable but anyway, I think it’s all fine, I’m fine.

Yon, nawalan na ko ng sasabihin. Haha sige yun lang. byeeee

It has been a pretty productive month for me. Despite the tons of schoolwork, I was still able to do other things too. I’m so proudddd! hihi. So here it goes

Happylist for September 2014

  • Sarah. During the first month of September, Sarah (a close friend and an orgmate of mine) had dengue and was confined at St.Lukes. Luckily though, the dengue she had was only stage 1 and she was able to recover in less than a week. You might wonder why I included this on my happy list, grabe ang sama kong friend haha. Pero no, this bullet is dedicated for the time and bond spent with my college friends. It was after our Stat class, Eph, Daniele and I were classmates and we spontaneously decided to visit Sarah. Since it was an unplanned trip, we weren’t able to tell our partners about it so we just brought them with us. haha. So yey, bonding with Tricia and Je! We rode a taxi (we didn’t know how to get there =))), saw Sarah and stayed there for almost half an hour. We just talked and tried to cheer her up. Seatmates kasi kaming apat sa physics last last sem kaya naging close kami, tapos lunch mates na din. Sarah’s very dear to us, she’s the Tigger in our group, she’s always there to make us laugh, kaya we really wanted to know that she’s okay and was laughing despite her sickness. After that, we went to eat dinner with Daniele’s mom. She works there at St.Lukes, and she was really funny and she’s always trying to make conversation with us kids. We ate at KFC in Farmers Cubao. We just talked while we ate and it’s one of those talks that I like. Tricia and I get along each other too. We talked about our relationships because we have the same situation, although baliktad sakanila ni Daniele, si Daniele ang Catholic, siya naman yung INC. It was a fun experience for me, having my best friends and our partners together having dinner. I badly wanted for something like this to happen. Haha finally. I hope to have more of these dates in the future! And I was really happy we were able to show Sarah how much we care for her. 
  • Ruby on Rails! I attended a crash course on Ruby (a programming language) for 3 saturdays partly because we needed it for our mini thesis, and partly because I promised myself to be more involved and interested in my course. Surprisingly, it worked! It was my first time to feel excited in going to a programming class. (kung ano pa yung hindi graded haha) I’ve learned so much during this 3 Saturdays session. Our prof is really kind and intelligent. He is an alumni of our school and today he is a very successful man in the field of computer science. Looking at him, it was really inspiring how someone like me could be someone like him in the future.
  • UP ACM team building activity. I had always dreaded TBAs because I’m really shy plus the fact that I’m not sporty or the game enthusiast kind of person. haha. But it always turns out to be fun every time! It was raining during that day but still the games went on. UP ACM has a lot of members, and tbh I don’t know all their names, but I had fun in my group! We didn’t won though haha, but it’s fine. After the games, we stayed at our department and waited for dinner. While waiting we were all just sitting by the entrance and decided to play games. Despite the TBA, I think we had bonded more during this time. We played, laughed and moments like this in ACM are rare since we barely see each other. It was a memorable day for me with this org.
  • Family bondings. I forgot to include this on my list last month, I’ll just start now. Family bondings are important and although it might sound common and has nothing special about it, it’s important to remember how blessed we are to be given the chance to spend time with our families. It has always been taken for granted, so i guess this is me trying to appreciate it. We tried new places this month. It was our first time at Fairview Terraces where we ate for the first time in a Chinese Resto (I forgot the name though). My dad loved their noodles, but I guess for the rest of us, it was just fine. We weren’t used to eating noodles for lunch. It was also our first time to eat at Forget Me Not. I love the interiors of Forget Me Not, it’s really girly and cute. Although the food was good, it wasn’t the best we’ve had. Try their Carbonara, though. I love it and it’s their bestseller. Also, the lava cake!! And lastly, we also went to Qizia, our family’s go to. We’ve been going here since I was 9, i think? We really love the food there and the staff already knows my dad. So if you’re looking for a place to eat, don’t ever forget Qizia on your list! They also have a dainty shop beside them where they sell unique stuff. When I looked in their store last week, they sell christmas related items and other unique items like their sunflower plates, sun shaped mirrors, etc.
  • In line with family bondings, we also had a mini family reunion last Sunday, courtesy of lola. She received an award for teaching for 20 years now. Although she’s already at her retirement age, she loves to teach and I think she will continue on teaching until the day she can’t walk to class anymore. Passion like this truly deserves a celebration. (Featuring my cousins’ puppy because we didn’t had any picture)
  • Je. I could say that Je and I are at our best position right now. We’ve never been better. I love how we’re always there for each other, even if it’s a lunch date because I wanted to rant about an annoying classmate or a date just to break the stress. We know what each other needs and we know just how to fill it. After all those petty fights and arguments, it has all led us here. We understand each other better now, made us more sensitive and made us more able to be just what each other needs. We’ve had a lot of dates this month! Here’s some of them. Greenwich! We found our new favourite. We love their lasagna so much! And this date was even more better because it was a Wednesday. I love dates during weekdays. It feels like we’re cheating because nobody’s supposed to have fun ‘til it’s Friday or weekend. I guess that’s what cheat day means. Dunkin Donut. This date was for celebrating Je’s achievement. He finally has a responsibility at their church and I’m so proud of him! I wanted to treat him and to let him know how happy I was about it. Lastly, Starbucks! I am in love with their chicken pesto sandwich. It was so good!! And I love this date because Je went to me just because I was frustrated at someone and I needed to rant. So there. Although we’ve had a lot of fights too, I’m so happy with what our relationship has become today. I hope we’ll never get tired of this.
  • Lastly, books! YESSSS I’ve read books this month. And not just one, but four! Despite the stress from schoolwork, I was able to finish the Summer series and also this book entitled The Last Lecture. You guys know I can’t read books during the sem. It’s hard for me to stop that I completely become unaware of everything and not care about anything at all. I forget school. I forget sleep. So I really can’t read during school time at all. But I guess I’ve managed to learn how to fit it in my schedule, thus this four books! I don’t do book reviews though. I don’t trust myself to give justice for books. A book is a beauty I don’t ever want to ruin by my crappy reviews. I suggest there’s no better way to know whether a book is good or not but to read it. I believe books have different approaches on different people. So I suggest you just read them. Summer Series gave me the kilig feels and made me cry a lot. I got so paranoid that one time I was reading in the library because I was really crying and I can’t find my handkerchief! (I left it in my bag, bags are not allowed inside the lib) Luckily, I was wearing a cardigan. I was able to wipe my tears. lol. So, if you want a heart moving love story, read the Summer Series! About The Last Lecture, I wanted to read this because I was looking for an inspiration in my course. This book was written by a Computer Science professor who died because of cancer. Here in his book, he wrote about the lessons he have learned in life. Other than the techy stuff, it also has good lessons to teach you about life. Every chapter is a new story, they are not chronologically arranged. It’s like a collection of short stories in his life and in every chapter there’s always something to learn. I highly recommend this book, not just for CS majors out there, but for everyone who’s looking for new philosophies and tips in life! I’ll try to read more books, but I guess not for this month. It’s October which means it’s our midterms. Hell weeks are coming, so maybe I’ll try to read soon after the wave of exams and requirements.

Hope everyone had a wonderful September, and hello October!

PS. Reposting this because sobrang sabaw ng una kong post. I blogged it at 1am kaya ang daming typo. I even put there Happy list for October =)) haha!